About Me

photo_2I was born and raised in Germany. My hometown Erlangen is in Bavaria and I enjoy going back as often as I can to visit my family and friends.


My passion for Holistic and Alternative Healing started in my early childhood, without even knowing it. My grandfather (born in 1904) was a dedicated vegetarian, opening a little health food store (Reformhaus) in his hometown. Due to his beliefs and lifestyle I grew up eating soy-sausages, vegetables grown from his own garden and utilizing alternative treatments for colds, aches and pains. When I had head congestion I took a chamomile head steam bath or sat in front of a infra red light to shorten the durations. To reduce my fever my mother would apply cold compresses on my calf’s and for headaches I would apply tiger-balm to the temples.

When I later met my husband I never would have dreamed about leaving my home town and family to start a new life in America, but love was so much stronger than best laid plans. I followed him and started a new beautiful life in California, bringing my knowledge, habits and rituals with me.

It was very exciting to investigate a new culture. It took some patience and determination to acclimate to this new culture, but it was so worth it. People were open- minded and wanted to learn from me about different ideas and other possibilities.

At about the same time we started to explore adventure-travel to all kind of unique and remote places in the world like Bali (Indonesia), Thailand, Turkey, Morocco, Peru, Ecuador etc. In many countries we stayed with local families and got to enjoy their hospitality while learning about their ways of healing, use of indigenous herbal remedies and taking care of your own mind-body-spirit connection.

Every place was so different and yet so great and inspired me to learn and teach more about Holistic Healing. I became very compassionate to spread the word.

My family has always inspired me to look for new ways and options approaching their health and wellness. I wanted my children to grow up healthy and also adapt a holistic life style for themselves, considering alternatives to popping pills and consuming harmful chemicals. Good nutrition plays a big part in my life, as well as consideration to all of our environment.

In March 2010 I started a very intense and extensive program at the World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts. Classes and workshops were held in San Francisco, Corte Madera and Pleasanton. I deepened my knowledge and love for Alternative Healing. I fell in love with hands-on massage therapy as well as with Energy Healing and the Life coaching program. Different ways of using your words, compassionately communicating with each other or just being out of your head and feeling instead of thinking!

Now I am connecting all the dots, realizing that life is perfect the way it is, including the flaws that show up for each of us. All we need is NOW and to be present to the gift we were given at birth – our Life!

In my spare time, my hobbies include yoga and dancing, gardening and world music.

My Credentials:

  • CMT-Certified Massage Therapist license # 17866
  • Member of ABMP (insurance/liability) # 973488 since 2010

Hours Achieved as a Holistic Health & Wellness Practitioner – 1600 Hours, which consists of a Master Bodyworker and Master Life Coach Program:

  • Professional Massage Therapy Program, Level  – 300 hours
  • Professional Massage Therapy Program, Level  – 300 hours
  • Energy & Somatic Massage – 200 hours
  • Family Health Massage – 100 hours
  • Therapeutic Spa Services – 100 hours
  • Master Life Coach Program – 600 hours

My Thoughts About Energy Healing:

Energy and the Integrative Vision –  the union of energy and structure…

Let’s first make clear that energy work and structural work are two sides of the same coin. Most likely, the most effective therapy will arise from an approach that respects and unites the structural and energetic aspects of both therapist and client. Each person is both physical and more than physical (e.g., having also mind and emotions). Therefore, an approach that is most likely to foster the deepest experience of health will be one that takes the whole person into account.

The separation or antagonism between energy work and structural work often seems a waste of time and, at worst, a real tragedy. It would be like separating health from care. We practice health care. We are responsible both for caring, which is energetic, and for being skilled in promoting health through soft-tissue manipulation. The union of art and science, of energy and structure, of health and care is a triumph of historical proportions.

What is structure and what is energy?

When we think about structure, it includes anatomy, mass, matter, particles, and physiology-generally, the physical aspect of the person.

Structure may also be thought of as objective, palpable, tangible and visible.

Energy, most broadly defined, is the entire realm of experiences beyond just the physical. It may be thought of as subjective, intangible, not necessarily palpable, and not necessarily visible. Energy includes action, force, movement, vibration and waves. It also includes the realm of sensation, emotion, and mind: beliefs, consciousness, feelings, senses, and thoughts, and the realm of spirit: soul, spirit.

Certainly languages other than physiology have been used to describe energy:

Bioenergy, chakras, chi, fields, kundalini, meridians, prana etc.

Some of the many bodywork modalities that explicitly use energetic lenses as part of their theory include: acupressure, acupuncture, chakra balancing, craniosacral balancing, lomilomi, reiki, shiatsu and so on.

Many of these body-mind works have been questioned as to how much of their success is due to the placebo effect and how much to actual therapeutic efficacy. Certainly the offhand dismissal of the placebo effect, the power of belief, and the power of suggestion are too extreme. Just as a piece of music or painting may have a life-changing impact on one person and not the next, so a given massage session may have similarly unpredictable and irreproducible results.

To paraphrase the philosopher Martin Buber, it is not the therapeutic intention that is fruitful, but it is the meeting that is therapeutically fruitful. Every session is an improvisation in the moment, naturally guided by forethought, prior study, intuition, taking a good history, and session design.  Research and logic are valuable for guidance – so is imagination! If we weren’t meant to combine the logical and the imaginative sides of ourselves, nature would not have given us the two cerebral hemispheres.

In the United States, and in many countries around the world, massage therapists practice as health-care professionals, not disease-care professionals. We are required to look at health and what promotes it especially through the physical and energetic effects of touch. There are very few therapies whose mission is explicitly health promotion.

Contact me today for a comprehensive and private consultation, or for additional information, schedule an appointment or to inquire about pricing!


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  • 1. cathy  |  January 31, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    Love your “About Me”!!!
    All looks great Angela. Good luck to you in your endeavor!


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