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Making Your Own All Purpose Household Cleaner

Hello all you green and conscientious people out there!

Today I came across a real cool video from a website called

For the last several years now I have severely downsized my use of chemicals around the house for cleaning purposes. But I still ended up buying the “organic” and green version of an all purpose cleanser because I did not really know what goes inside that bottle.

Coming across this little video made me realize that it is not that difficult to experiment with a home made concoction. Also making your own all purpose household cleanser saves money
and plastic packaging over time.

Real essential oil of lavender smells better than the commercial products too! I personally will try mine with pine essential oil and maybe a little eucalyptus oil? Let me know once you found a good smelling version for yourself!




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Explaining Sustainability Through Animation

Hello community!

I’ve been hearing the word sustainability or any version of it over and over lately.
Even though I knew what it meant I was curious what the official definition would be – and during my search I came across a neat little internet video explaining it via animation.

I really enjoyed the following link and it just brings me once more the awareness about how I would like to live my life!



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Say Yes to Organic Gardening!

I am an avid gardener myself and love to spend time outside in my yard. Therefore it just made complete sense to me – trying to be holistic and eco friendly – switching over to organic gardening, or at least giving it my best shot.

Keep reading and watching the video below if you are interested in a different approach to all those critters:

  • 80% of the bugs in your garden are good bugs – they eat other harmful bugs, like the ones eating your crops.
  • Scott Myer, the editor of Organic Gardening Magazine has an enlightened approach and offers some wonderful practical tips in this video.
  • He emphasizes that the idea is to create balance in the eco-system in the garden.
  • Don’t panic when you see pests. It’s all about observing and making adjustments to help nature get it’s own symbiosis going.
  • Creative, natural remedies and suggestions abound.
  • How about a bird bath to get the birds feeding on the critters?

Click here to see the video >>


PS: below my own backyard

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The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff Project is an engaging and inventive animated series of videos about our
consumption. Creator Annie Leonard puts the  spotlight here on the tragedy of bottled water.

Click and see the bottled water myths busted!

We can all rethink one product at a time.  Help end the bottled water era!

I personally do not buy bottled water at all – I use filtered water inside  a dishwasher safe plastic container, (preferably BPA free) or even better a glass container or jar, which are typically used for pickling or preserving foods of any kind. You do have choices and your choices to affect the environment and your own health and well-being!

– Angela

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Being Frugal: The Original Sustainability

Enjoy…some green perspecitves I live by!

Here is a great video I came across: Being Frugal: The Original Sustainability

We will have MORE if we CONSUME LESS.  Needing less, or using what you have, is at the core of reclaiming our center as people and citizens, instead of consumers.

“Frugality” is no longer synonymous with poverty or miserliness,rather empowerment and freedom.

Let’s keep blowing the dust off the word itself. It’s about not being fooled anymore into meaningless, rote consumption.

Listen to Chris Farrell, author of “The New Frugality”, and spread the word!

– Angela

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VIDEO: The Power of Words

I came across this short u-tube video about the power of words. It touched me deeply and stirred up my emotions. This short film illustrates the power of words to radically change your message and your effect upon the world.

Enjoy and here is the link: (not even two minutes long – but so worth it!)

– Angela

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