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Chemical to Avoid in Our Beauty Products

Hello everybody,

Did you know that 1,100 chemicals that are banned in Europe are still allowed in the US in personal care products. I came across this little explanatory video below to make me a bit more aware of all the chemicals we do use in our daily routines.

Maybe I can even convince my 16 year old daughter, who is my “product queen”  to watch this video and peak her interest as well?

Anyway, this smart video tells us that the average woman exposes herself to 167 different chemicals  on her body and face
during her daily beauty regime.

It continues to offers points on what to avoid. Grab a pen.

You DO want to read the small print from now on.

Might we be able to just do without some products?




October 11, 2011 at 5:47 pm 1 comment

Great Alternative to Sunscreen!

Hello everybody,

The end of summer is approaching, but the temperatures are still high and my daughter is starting her soccer season. In the past this meant for me to make sure she does protect her skin of all the sun rays with plenty of sunscreen. But these days the “sunscreen” topic is very controversial and confusing. I wanted to give her and myself a product that I know will not harm the skin because it only uses natural ingredients and no extra chemicals that I could not identify. In my research endeavors I found this simple, non-toxic recipe for sunscreen that we can make ourselves, with an SPF factor of about 15, and a shelf live of 6 months from the website below.

Skip the drugstore and the chemicals, and enjoy the sunshine!



October 11, 2011 at 5:26 pm 1 comment

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