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My 1st Movie Review – “I Am”

On May 8th 2011 – which was mother’s day – I got to have my way!

Nobody was about to argue with me when I voiced my opinion to go see a movie in Berkeley with dinner afterwards at our favorite Ethiopian restaurant on Telegraph Ave. called Asmara.

And what do you expect from a movie that plays only in Berkeley in select theaters? Yes, it was a little bit of a different movie – a documentary by and about Tom Shadyak (director of Liar, Liar and many other silly comedies) with the title “I AM”.

What did I take away from this film? I must say, the fact that society is going backwards as we become more and more competitive, when perhaps the more advanced societies are the ones that develop a higher sense of community and empathy.

In this documentary the director delves into the question “what is wrong with the world”? He interviews scientific and spiritual leaders from all over the world to find some answers and guidance. Several interviews lead to the idea that “we are one” and not separate from each other, whether it be humans, plant life, animals or any living organisms here on mother earth. He touches on Social Darwinism – that instead of competition, it is mutual aid and cooperation which guarantee the survival of the species. Sympathy and empathy (not competition) is the strongest urge in human nature. In another part of his research he investigates animal democracy.

Perhaps we will take action inspired by the group of deer in the documentary. They were trying to decide to which of several watering holes they would go. Some turned and faced towards one watering hole. Others turned and faced towards a different watering hole. Once 51% of the deer looked in the same direction, suddenly the entire herd moved together to that water hole, leaving behind bewildered aggressive alpha males who appeared to be wondering, “Hey! Where did everyone go?”

The movie does not give any answers, but sure made me think about our social behaviors, connections and new possibilities that we all can incorporate and share with one another.

Have you seen a movie that your enjoyed recently? I’d love to hear from you, please post a comment below!

– Angela


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